Today I’m going to talk about a really important thing if you want to keep your readers engaged with your blog and brand. Your blog and brand are not only going to grow with the things you do inside the platform. You also have to work outside it to keep them engaged. I recently got the chance to work with Campaign Monitor and use their service, and I wanted to share with you how it works and how useful it can be to grow your audience.

It all starts with creating a new campaign. No matter if it’s to promote a new blog section, a really important blog post, an announcement, an event, or whatever you want to share with your readers.

I’m really picky about design and aesthetics, and I love keeping every really simple, clean and beautiful. You can create a template from the beginning, but you can also use their templates that look really good and professional as well.

I get stressed so easily when I don’t know how something work and it’s so chaotic, but I’m so impressed about how easy and fast this is. Also, you can customize everything, even though you’re using one of their templates. You can add text, photos, your logo, edit the sizes, typography, add surveys, buttons, and more. But everything so simple.

When you have everything done it’s time to preview it. This step is a must to check out if everything looks good and if something needs to be changed. You can see different device previews, like desktop, phone, etc.

Once you have everything looking perfect in every single device you must send it to your readers. You can choose from your already list of contacts or import a new one.  Something really cool about Campaign Monitor is that you don’t have to instantly send the campaign, you can also schedule it for later (date, time and time zone).

The coolest part, and the most exciting one, is that you can see who opens the email and how they interact with it. Also, you can track all the performance metrics. These two things are really important, so you can see how your readers engage with your campaigns and study the results for future campaigns as well.

I’ve tried other platforms to send campaign emails and I have to say that this is the easiest and most useful one I’ve used so far. You have freedom to customize everything you want and keep track of all the emails you send.

Have you heard of Campaign Monitor? Have you ever used a service like this one? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤