A new year has started and it’s time to keep with my skincare and haircare reviews. You all already know by now my obsession with this kind of products, and my efforts to get that beautiful looking skin without wearing any makeup. Also, I want my hair to look its best after all the mistreatment it suffered early last year.

That’s why I’m always open to brands with promising products and interesting formulas. When it comes to my face, I try to keep the ingredients as natural as I can, to prevent reactions and breakouts.

So, this time I have three products from a brand called Löwengrip (check my previous review here) which I’m collaborating with at the moment, but honesty is a must for me, so this is going to be a real and honest review of the products I got to try from them. I ranked the product from most to least loved.


My hair was so damaged because of the many bleaching I did last year. Because of that my hair was so dry and looked so horrible, but because I want to let it grow I didn’t want to go to the hairdresser and get a haircut. That’s why I’m in a continuous search or hair products that can make my end look healthier and smoother.

When I saw the name of this product I wanted to try it out right away. To be honest I expected the usual hair product that gives you shine and makes brushing easier when you get out of the shower but nothing else. But I was so wrong, and I’m so happy about that.

This is the best hair product I’ve found so far. Not kidding. I haven’t found any other product that moisturizes my hair so much, makes it so smooth and healthy looking. And, the best of all, that “long lasting” thing is completely true. Your hair won’t only look healthy and beautiful the first day after showering, but several days after too.

Definitely a product I’ll be using over and over again, no doubt. I actually have the bottle barely finished…


If you asked me about facial mists a year ago I would say that those were the most stupid product ever. Spraying moisture into your face? But, because of the many people that were talking about them I wanted to give a try, and since them, I haven’t stopped using facial mists.

The first one I got was from Sukin Skincare, a brand I’ve talked about before, but the sad day came and I finished the bottle. Surprisingly, the day after this happened I got a new one from Löwengrip. Destiny? I don’t know.

I find face mists so refreshing, and I use them all year round. But, what I love the most is using them after I’ve done my makeup or before stepping out of the house, because it gives my skin a really beautiful glow to my skin, and makes you look really fresh and healthy. And I just love that.

Also, the smell of this face mist is really subtle, which I appreciate because I hate facial products that smell too much.


This product has some advice on how to use it. You have to first try it on your neck since it is a chemical cleanser, and see if you have any kind of allergic or weir reaction to it. If everything is fine you can keep going. Honestly, I would recommend doing a second test on a small area of your face, because sometimes neck is not as sensitive as your facial skin. And that’s what happened to me.

Because my skin is sensitive, and also because I don’t use harsh chemical skincare anymore this product wasn’t made for me. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the product, the problem was my skin. The product has great reviews from other people, but I think it just didn’t work for me.

If you don’t have such sensitive skin as I do, this product is supposed to boost your glow and even your skin tone and texture, which is amazing.

So these are my experience and real thoughts about the products I got to try this time from Löwengrip. I leave you all the links to products in case you want to check them out and look for further information on their site.

Have you ever heard from Löwengrip? Would you like to try any of these products? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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This post is in collaboration with Löwengrip