Sadly 080 Barcelona Fashion has ended this season. It’s probably one of the most exciting times of the year because of how much inspiration I get, how many great people I meet and having the chance to do so much networking.

I think that events, and even more fashion weeks, are the best time to show your best. There is so much attention on you and it’s the right time to shine. You must wear cool outfits so you get photographed and have the chance to appear in magazines, PR agencies, and other platforms. You have the chance to meet and talk to so many interesting people who could be really useful in the near future. It’s a time when you have to show your best, because time is so short and valuable.

It is such an exciting time for me, but also really exhausting. My feet hurt because of the shoes and I arrive home that my legs can barely walk anymore, there’s the pressure to wear an outstanding look, be there on time or the show will start without you, go to one place to another, talk to so many people. I mean, the people who keep forward and attend every single season really show their interest in fashion the fashion industry.

Because I have already shown you all the outfits I wore, I decided it is time to share with you a little behind the scenes about what happened that week. I’m not going to show you again the outfits photos, but some I took with my phone, or some taken by photographers.

This way I feel more human and you can really see how things are on the other side of the camera. This is probably my favorite post about FW because these photos are the ones that will bring me memories in the future.

From photos taken with my phone (you can clearly see which ones because of the low quality) to high-quality camera gear. These are shots I took during the 080 Barcelona Fashion and I’m so thankful for all the friends I had the pleasure to attend with, all the stolen shots from street style photographers, and also the basic elevator shots after long days just to tell my friends that my feet hurt.

I just can’t wait until next edition, because I’m sure it’s going to be even better. So, let’s start planning the outfits!

Love and lipstick ❤

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