First of all, happy International Women’s Day to every single one of you! Today I really felt like I had to sit down and write about what it means to be a woman nowadays and the reason why I do what I do.

I started blogging so many years ago because I wanted a way to spread my thoughts, opinion, ideas, to share, and empower. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an artist, a photographer, a writer, a fashion or beauty blogger, or whatever you are. There are so many ways you can use to spread your ideas with others and encourage them.

Empowering is what I’ve always wanted to do. I do it through fashion and beauty, but not as a superficial thing, but to express yourself and pamper yourself. The fact of creating a badass outfit is to encourage you to express your personality through clothes, and taking care of yourself through relaxing sessions of skincare and self-love. I am so happy I have the opportunity to have such a great platform to do that, and I’ll be always endlessly happy for it.

To all the women out there, I have something to say to you:

Don’t let anyone think that you’re not capable enough for a job, don’t let anyone mistreat you for your gender, don’t let anyone pay you less for your work, don’t let anyone harass you for their own enjoyment, don’t let anyone embarrass you for what you think, wear, or want to do in life. We are all enough to have the same rights, because we are capable of this and much more.

Instead of competing and fighting with each other, let’s help us to grow stronger every single day. Empower, love, help, and be nice so we can all grow together to a better something. So, let’s celebrate ourselves today!

What are you up to today? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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