I still remember how stressed out I got while choosing my prom outfit. You already know how little I love color and extreme bold dresses, so it was kind of hard to choose an outfit while everyone was telling me “don’t wear black to prom”. And you know what? Obviously, I wore black. I wore a beautiful black jumpsuit embroidered with velvet flowers that looked so subtle, yet different from all the other ones.

I knew from the very first moment that I didn’t want a dress, and that I wanted a black look but I was asked to (had) to check out all the stores (just in case I could find something more colorful to wear than a black jumpsuit).

Now I look back and still like the outfit I wore, and I’m so happy I wore what I felt comfortable in and really wanted to wear. I really didn’t want to look back and think “my gosh, why did I wear that?”. And thankfully that doesn’t happen yet.

I know that prom season and other graduations are coming soon, or at least you are all starting looking for dresses and outfits to wear. So, because of that, I thought I could create a new prom outfit. Surprisingly similar to what I wore years ago, but definitely what I would wear if I had to graduate again this year.

First things first: Which color would I wear? The answer is black. I don’t see black as a sad color, but as a really elegant color which you can easily accessorize. This time I would wear again a jumpsuit, since it’s a full look and you only have to add some accessories, shoes, and you’re good to go. Also, the fact that is a one piece all in the same color will make you look taller, and monochrome looks are a huge thing right now.

The one I would choose for this year would be this one shoulder jumpsuit from FemmeLuxe that fits like a glove. It is so important that you feel fully comfortable in what you’re wearing, since you’re going to wear it for such a long time and you’ll have to take loads of photos in it. This jumpsuit I chose is such a basic piece, but because of the one shoulder and slim fit looks so elegant and sleek, which I love.

Because a plain black look would be pretty dull, we must add accessories. I would always go for gold or silver, but if you like color you could add colorful accessories too. In this case, I added my fabulous silver diamond belt around the waist, which makes the outfit look a hundred times better and much more expensive than what it actually is. Because this is the main accessory and the focus point of your outfit, I would choose s few pieces of dainty jewelry to finish the look.

And, last but not least, shoes! Because of the long flare legs of the jumpsuit, you can barely see the shoes you’re wearing, but it is important to choose the right ones. Again, choose wisely and make sure you’ll be comfortable. Heels will be a great choice because will make you look taller. With this look, depending on the weather, I would go for black patent ankle boots (which you could only see the tip) or black heels, both really comfortable.

And that would be the outfits I would wear if I had to graduate again this year. Really similar to the one I wore to prom years ago, but updated. Also, I must say that prom outfits tend to be really expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make affordable pieces look so good and expensive without breaking the bank, especially with accessories, and wear items that you actually owned.

And, just in case you thought I forgot about it, I would keep hair and makeup pretty subtle and simple. I always go for nude tones of makeup (both eye shadow and lipstick), but always really glowy skin. And, for hair, the sleek back look is my go-to.

Do you like the outfit I created? What would you wear to prom/graduation this year? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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Jumpsuit – FemmeLuxe (also check out their co-ords, lounge wear setsribbed loungewear sets, and knitted loungewear sets)

Belt – MissyEmpire

Shoes – EgoShoes

This post is in collaboration with FemmeLuxe