Spring is the season of love. Because of the change of the weather, the beautiful flowers, the sunlight, everything changes and brings us a great mood. That’s when love happens. It’s crazy how after all the cold and darkness so many colors and much sunlight comes, as well as joy and happiness.

Because of that, outfits have to change too. You know that I always wear neutral colors because that’s what I feel comfortable wearing and what suits my style the best, but this spring I’m getting a bit more colorful. I’ve been loving yellow pieces a lot and I’m sure I’ll be styling some yellow pieces soon, but for now, I’m just getting started with red details.

Spring is the perfect season to start wearing colors, so that’s what I did. This time I decided to wear a really cute and comfy dress I just got from MissyEmpire, which fits me like a glove. I love how cute it looks because of the ruffles, and also because of the heart pattern all over the dress. Definitely a great way to start incorporating color to my wardrobe.

This style of dress is something I wear on repeat during spring and summer because of how comfy, easy to style, and cute they are.

What do you think about this dress? Do you also think that spring is the season of love? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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Dress – MissyEmpire

Jewelry – Ania Haie

Watch – Cluse

Sunglasses – Dolce&Gabbana

This post is a gifted collaboration with MissyEmpire

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