“there’s a special beauty in old things. a beauty that can’t be seen at first sight, but a beauty that makes everything much more valuable. time will pass by, our faces will age, our skin will wrinkle, book pages will turn yellowish, jewelry will tarnish, and flowers will dry. but all of that does not make things worse, but more valuable. a beauty that can be easily seen is the most beautiful, because only those who can really appreciate it will be able to see.”

I’ve realized that old things have something special, irreplaceable, that is so irresistibly beautiful. Old bookstores, dried flowers, and vintage jewellery. You know how much I love to wear minimal pieces, but I also really like that old vintage vibe which is so unique.

This time I got new pieces from my favourite jewellery brand, Ania Haie, that really remind me that old beauty I’m talking about. My newest additions are a necklace and a ring that are exactly what I’ve been looking for so long. I really wanted to get one of those signet rings because they’re more of a statement piece but still delicate, and then a long necklace that I would layer with other gold ones. I love how simple but, at the same time, unique they look.

These might not be genuine old pieces, but they have that something special that made me fall in love with them at first sight. These pieces are great to layer or just to wear on their own. I’m sure I’ll be wearing these pieces non-stop this spring season with white clothes, and I’m sure it’ll look amazing.

What do you think about vintage-inspired jewellery? Do you like my new pieces? Definitely tell so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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Signet ring (coins collection) – Ania Haie

Long roman empress necklace (coins collection) – Ania Haie

This post is in collaboration with Ania Haie

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