I’m finally in the last weeks of crazy hard work, and that got me dreaming about how much I want summer to arrive and what I’m going to do. I already have a few things planned but there are some trips waiting to be organized. You already know how much I love to travel, discover new places and new people. But also because it’s nice to get some fresh air, change what is around you for a little time, and just get the most out of it. I always get so much inspiration when I travel because of everything new I find.

Travelling is definitely a way to feed your soul and mind, see things from another perspective and learn so many new things. I feel like travelling is the best way to spend the money, since the experiences you’ll live are just priceless.

But, which are my preferences for this summer? I’m really looking forward to a foreign country, with great food, nice weather, cute streets and next to the coast. That is the best combination possible for a summer vacation to me. Which is the most suitable choice? Italy sounds like a great one.

I just can’t stop thinking about those classic Italian villages, their great food (I’m crazy about pasta and ice cream), and their amazing style. I’m just looking forward to a relaxed trip, with no rushes, really peaceful, and doing just what I want to.

But, for now, I can only get all that Italian inspiration and transform it into an outfit. This season I’m really into cute little dresses, and especially polka dot pattern. I’m so happy I found the cutest dress from MissyEmpire that is exactly what I had in mind. I love the polka dot pattern, the frills, and the beautiful sleeves.

I’m sure I’m going to be wearing this dress a lot during the summer season wherever I go. This time I styled it with these beautiful white and gold heels, but it could be also worn with simple white trainers and I’m sure it would look amazing too. And, as usual, a lot of gold accessories.

Do you like the dress I’m wearing? Where would you like to travel next? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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Dress – MissyEmpire

Shoes – Public Desire

Jewellery – Ania Haie (signet ring & twist hoop earrings)

This blog post is in collaboration with MissyEmpire