Trends are always so crazy that I think “I’m not going to wear that, there’s no way to style it my way”. There are some times that I’m right, nobody dares to wear that, and those trends die pretty quickly, but there are others when those trends evolve and people actually start to wear them. Then, with time I start to see more and more inspiration everywhere and my thoughts change to “well, maybe I could try to style it this way”.

I remember seeing PU clothes on the runway, just a few like the typical trousers or jackets. But, eventually, they started to create more and more items using this material. After that, high street brands started to launch collections full of PU items, and therefore, a lot of celebrities, bloggers and fashion related people. So, I started to create mood boards and ideas in my head about different ways I could possibly style it.

About a year ago I posted on the blog an article about PU trousers. I can remember I wore them with sneakers and a yellow jumper. Some of you actually liked that look, and some others were amazed by the fact that I dared to wear something like that (believe me, I couldn’t even believe it). It took me a while to finally decide to get a pair, since it’s not the most comfortable fabric to wear and move around. To be honest it’s sweaty and noisy. But, this time I wanted to try something different.

This time I wanted to mix two trends in one: PU clothes and corsets. Corsets itself are not really my style, and even less if they’re PU material, but there was a way to style it I saw all over the gram and Pinterest that I really wanted to try.

I decided to style my PU corset with a blouse underneath. I’ve seen many girls styling corsets with shirts and blouses, and it actually looks really nice, especially if those have beautiful looking sleeves. Also, I wanted to go all into it and create a full PU look, matching it with shorts that were the same material. This way, looks like it’s the same piece and looks pretty cute. Then, for shoes, I decided to wear simple black heeled sandals, since I wanted to be the top part of my outfit the focus of attention.

To be honest, it’s not the best material to wear if you live somewhere that gets pretty hot during the summer season, since it’s not a breathable fabric and you might get too hot under that. But, this outfit was way more comfortable than the PU fitted trousers I styled last year.

But, if you’re really into PU clothes you can also go for only the shorts, bags, shoes, and other types of tops. And, if you like corsets and would like to style them different ways, you can also wear them as a top for summer, or even under a blazer. I’m sure that would also look amazing.

I never thought I would end up styling a PU corset when I first saw them on the runways or high street brands, but I finally found a way to style them and I actually like it very much.

Which are your thoughts on PU clothes? How would you style a corset? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤️

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PU corset – FemmeLuxe

Blouse – Shein

Shorts – Romwe

Shoes – Bershka

This post is in collaboration with FemmeLuxe