These past two weeks I’ve shared a couple articles talking about how to create, edit, and build a cohesive feed. It’s a topic I get asked about quite often, especially on social media, and that I finally decided to write about more often, since I’ve seen you’re actually quite interested in it.

On my last article, I talked about editing photos and creating a cohesive feed, with the famous tip of no over editing your pictures, and other ones such as creating your own preset and using it on all your pictures to create a pleasant aesthetic feed. But, that’s something I wanted to talk about in more depth, so that’s why I’m doing it on a separate blog post.

Since a lot of people look forward to other “more famous” accounts and how beautiful their Instagram feed looks, creating and selling presets is a new raising business that is getting more and more common between influencers and social media celebrities.

Now, which are my thoughts regarding this topic? It’s true that now we have a huge range of different presets to choose from, which will instantly edit your photos and make you have a really nice-looking feed but, it won’t be a unique and personal aesthetic, since other people will be buying and using the same preset.

That’s why my advice is to not buy presets. Maybe it takes a while to create your own if you’re not familiarized with Lightroom or any other editing software (or app), but it just takes a few YouTube videos and a bit of practice to create your own. This one will be unique and true to yourself. It’ll show your personality and style through the colours, contrast, saturation, etc. And believe me that such a small thing can give your feed so much value, because even though there might be other similar ones, those will never be the same.

Which are your thoughts about buying presets? Would you buy them? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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