This summer I decided to do a room makeover and create a space that would make me feel relaxed and inspired. I started cleaning every single shelve and drawer I had in my room and now I can’t even believe how empty everything looks. But now the fun part is about to start, because decorating is always so much fun. The problem is that when you find yourself with a blank canvas, it can be hard to know exactly how to start creating the home interior of your dreams.

Deciding on a style for your room, and then attempting to bring it all together can feel like a bit scary at first since you want to design the room of your dreams. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed with the scale of a decorating project.  But today I’m going to share with you a few tips that I hope that will help you to make the whole decorating process much.

Do lots of research.  This will ensure that you are full of ideas of what you like and what you don’t want your home to look like. My favourite source of inspiration? Pinterest. I have a mood board for everything, and I obviously have one for house decoration as well. It is so important to do some research first so you can have an overall idea of the style and theme you want to go for. Other sources of inspiration could be Instagram, blogs, magazines, etc. I just want to warn you that it gets extremely addictive and you never know when to stop looking for inspiration!

Don’t rush. It is often best to take things slowly and to properly plan your design, before going on a mad shopping spree. Rushing too much and putting pressure on yourself to get your room decorated quickly, can mean that you make decisions that you’ll regret later. This either means that you have to live with a decoration style that you aren’t happy with, or repeat the time and money you spent for a second time to get things right.

Don’t feel pressured to follow trends. Don’t be tempted to simply follow the latest trends. Decorating your home is about reflecting your personality and sense of style into your surroundings. It’s always a better idea to go for timeless pieces and colours, and then choose some bold details that can be changed more often depending on the trends.

Do accessorize. As mentioned above, details are the finishing touches that every house needs to make it a home. Choose your accessories carefully, so that you know you are buying the best quality products, that will perfectly complement the look of your rooms. Use them to bring more comfort and personality into the room, and make the overall room look cohesive. Add accessories which will upgrade your room such as high-quality Bamboo Blankets, stylish rugs, and cushions which will match the colour scheme and style. Also, don’t forget to add some other pieces like mirrors, wall art, frames, and lamps.

Do seasonal changes. A thing I love doing is to change certain pieces and accessories depending on the season we’re in. The most obvious example would be during the Christmas time when I decorate the house with green and red details, but this could also be done with brown and cream tones for autumn, or pastel colours for spring. This will make you feel like your space is always brand new and it suits the season you’re in.

Do enjoy it. Just have fun with it! Decorating can be a lot of fun, and the freedom of choosing exactly how your room should look is both exciting and inspiring. Make sure that you enjoy the process, by staying calm, full of ideas, and focused on how you want it to look like once it’s finished. Don’t overstress, you’re not in a rush, just take your time to think and plan until you know how you want it to be and then be creative.

So, these are the tops tips I can give you if you’re planning on doing a room makeover, or even a house makeover. I’m more than happy to give my room a new look and I can’t want to show you all the final result once it’s finished.

Are you planning any room makeover? Do you have any other helpful tip? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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