If there’s something I’ve learned throughout the years is that at some point in our life we’ll find flaws in ourselves. It can be any type of flaw, but especially the ones regarding our body and physical appearance. It is a social construction that always manages to get stuck in our heads and makes us feel bad for who we are and how we look like. People may say bad things, or you can also do it, but there’s no point in tearing yourself down because you’ll get nothing good back from it, but an even worse feeling.

But, I have to tell you something. There’s no point in comparing yourself to others because there are no two bodies that look the exact same. Each one of us is unique, but what we have in common is that every single one of us has flaws. Maybe we only see the ones we think we have, but others do have some as well even though we don’t even notice them.

My advice is to learn to love yourself the way you are because you’ll have to live with this body for your whole life, so I recommend you to learn how to love it and treat it well. There’s no better feeling than accepting yourself the way you are and embracing all those flaws. This might take time, but I can assure you that it’s possible to make peace and you’ll feel like a new, renewed, and confident person.

Love and lipstick ❤

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