We’re slowly transitioning into the winter season and that means that the weather is getting colder. It’s time to change our routines a bit, start wearing thicker and warmer clothes, and it is also time to change our skincare routine as well.

Transitioning into the winter season can be really damaging for your skin, since temperature changes can really affect you, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin like I do. That’s why I always take extra care of my skin and I’m always more than ready for weather changes.

Today I wanted to talk about how my skincare routine changes when we transition to winter, and also show you some products I’m using now that I’m really happy with. You already know how much of a skincare addict I am, and that I’m always willing to try and review new products for you. This time I’m going to share with you some products I’ve been gifted from my favourite skincare brand, called Sukin Skincare, that is the one that literally saved my skin.

As I said, I suffer from sensitive skin, and it’s something I can really tell when the weather is changing. Why? It breaks out much more easily and I get really obvious dry patches (I have a combination skin type). That’s why I really need to change the products I’ve been using during the summertime, and use thicker products that can deeply moisturise and revive my skin, without making it too oily or break out even more.

Throughout the time I’ve used many brands and many different products, some of them expensive, expecting mind-blowing results that never happened. As I always say, the fact that a product works really good on someone that has a quite similar skin type as you doesn’t mean that it’s also going to work out for you. So, after using so many recommended and well-known brands I decided to switch and look for something not that famous but that could actually work.

I feel like I’ve explained many times the story of how I discovered Sukin Skincare (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can find the story here) and how obsessed I’m with them. I’ve been religiously using many of their products for years now and none of them has ever deceived me. That’s why I wanted to give some of their thicker products a try during the autumn/winter season, since I knew that there was a huge possibility I could be happy with the results.


A light, creamy and gentle face scrub that I would definitely recommend to the most sensitive types, since the formula is really soft with the skin and it’s not a really harsh scrub. With a really nice smell but definitely not crazy scented, which I usually avoid because that means that the product contains many unnecessary chemicals that are harmful to your skin. It contains several different oils that will nourish and revitalise your skin.

I think it’s the perfect scrub to do once or twice a week since it’s so gentle but it helps to make your skin look better if it’s looking dull or tired because of long workdays or bad weather. I gently apply it on my face and spend a few minutes doing a circular motion all over my face and neck, and then I let it for about 5 minutes so my skin gets all the good products in. Then I rinse it off and I’m ready to continue my usual skincare routine.


Because I’ve always had to deal with breakouts, I never really liked any other face mask other than clay ones. I really thought that was the kind of face mask I needed because of my skin type, but I really felt I lacked a more deeply moisturising one to use during the coldest months, to just put it on, let it on my face for a bit while I’m chilling and relaxing, and then feeling like my face is all well-nourished, moisturised and glowing. And I just found the perfect face mask for it.

It is a creamy but still light mask that I use once a week, especially on Sundays, since I want to pamper my skin and make it recover from all the week stress and work. I put on a thick layer, I let it for about 15 minutes while I watch something on YouTube, have a tea, listen to music, or just do nothing, and then I rinse it off with warm water. My skin feels so nice, soft, nourished and healthy, which is exactly what I look for during the coldest seasons.

Also, I want to say that you should never forget about your neck, since it is a part of our body that we use to forget to pamper, but it actually needs to. So, remember to use scrubs and face masks on your neck as well and believe me you’ll thank me later for it.


Even though I got my hair a cut recently and it’s looking all healthy again, doesn’t mean that’s it and that I can completely forget about it. Taking proper care of your hair is something you should never forget about. That’s why we have to be extremely careful during summer since all the sun damage, and also winter because of the changing and cold weather.

Hair can easily get dry and damaged, and once that happens there’s no way back. Many people think you can revive your hair once it’s been damaged, but what you actually do is just to make it look nicer. So, maintaining your hair healthy is something you should do since the very first moment. That’s why I wanted to make sure I’m doing the right thing and taking care of it from the very beginning of autumn.

I think that finding hair products that are easy and quick to use is key in order to be consistent and do your haircare routine regularly. For me, the easiest way to do it is to choose a good hair oil that can be used both in damp or dry hair, so there’s never an excuse to not use it.

I found this treatment oil really deeply nourishing, which I really appreciate now that colder months are approaching and I don’t want my hair to suffer because of it. I use it whenever I feel my hair is looking dull, or at least once a week to revitalise it. I just apply a few drops on my hands and then apply it to my hair (as if I were brushing it with my hands). And that’s it. Ready to go.

So this has been my product review from the Sukin Skincare products I received and that I’m currently loving so much, since they came at the right time. I really think that changing your skincare and haircare products as the seasons do is really important, since you never need the same kind of product or formula, and it all depends on the weather and other external factors.

Again, I know that even though skincare types can be the same for many of us, not all products work the same on everyone. I just share my most honest opinion and what works for me. I’ve never been disappointed by this brand and I really wanted to write a proper review of their products in here so you can discover a bit more about them and hopefully fall in love with them too.

Did you know Sukin Skincare? Which are your favourite skincare and haircare products for the coldest months? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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Rejuvenating facial scrub

Rich moisture facial masque

Hydrating treatment oil

These products have been kindly gifted by Sukin Skincare