The first Barcelona recommendation is finally here! I wanted to make sure I had a powerful start, beginning with one of my top places.

I would describe myself a pretty indecisive person when it comes to choosing what I want to eat when I go out, since there are too many things that sound amazing, and I’m never sure if I fancy more sweet or savoury. That’s why a proper brunch is always the best choice.

I think that going brunch is such a great thing to do, especially on a chilled Sunday, with some friends or a partner. You do a bit of walking around and then find a cite café to sit at and order both sweet and savoury because it’s totally accepted to mix both.

This time I went to a place I’ve been several times before (for both coffee dates and brunch), and that hasn’t deceived me so far: Alsur Café. I went to the Alsur Café & Backdoor Bar, but they have a few more around the city, so they’re pretty easy to find.

The place:

It’s not a really big place, but enough to cover the high demand on the peak hour, since it usually gets pretty busy (I recommend you to book a table in advance if you can just in case). It feels like a really cosy place because of the wooden decoration and there are many cool seats and pillows so it’s always a really comfy place to be at.

The food:

As I said, I can never decide whether I want sweet or savoury, so I got both. I went with my partner, so we shared a first savoury one, and then our own sweet dish, and a drink or each one.

What we ordered: Pulled-Pork Bravas, Carrot-Cake Pancakes, Choco-Banana Kaiser Pancakes, Oreo Milkshake and Apple, Carrot & Ginger juice.

I was so amazed by the bravas, since I was expecting something yummy but it was incredibly delicious. I would definitely recommend this to everyone since I think it was my favourite dish of them all. Moving to the sweet ones, I think that maybe the portions were too big if you’re going to have the whole thing yourself. Both pancakes were really good, soft and freshly made. The carrot-cake ones really tasted like so, and the kaiser ones had lots of caramel, syrup and chocolate, that were counteracted with the fresh fruits it has on top. I would recommend these to people that really like sweet things, but I warn you that it’s a huge portion.

Last but not least, drinks. Both were really good, but I feel like if you’re having such heavy dishes, the most sensitive thing is to get a more light and fresh drink, like the juice I got for myself.


I think that the prices are really good (about 9€ maximum for a dish and 5€ for a drink), but there’s actually a brunch deal, which it’s any dish from the menu, and for 2€ more you can add a drink, dessert and coffee. I think that’s a really good price since the food is really good, the portions are big, and we all know that brunch places can be pretty expensive sometimes.

I would definitely go again, since I’ve already been there several times before and it feels like such a nice place to have a little something and enjoy a nice time with whoever you want to.

Thank you so much to Alsur Café for inviting and receiving us for brunch.

Have you ever been at Alsur Cafe? Do you know any other place you want me to review next? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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This post is in collaboration with Alsur Cafe