Another year has passed by, and here I am again to bring you the annual Christmas gift guide. As always, I write a selection of my top brands and products I’ve used/worn during the year and loved so much, which I also think are great gift ideas to give to your loved ones in this lovely time of the year. It’ll be organised in categories, so you can easily scroll down and find the most suitable choice for you!


I’ll never change my mind about it: accessories are always a great gift. Obviously, my obsession is jewellery, but you can also gift nice watches or other accessories like sunglasses, bags, hats, etc.

You all already know that my favourite jewellery brand is Ania Haie and I’ve been working with them for so long. They have really nice affordable pieces, with really good quality. Isn’t that the perfect gift?

Then, as for watches, I’ve been wearing my beloved Triwa watch religiously every single day because of how much I love it. Such a clean but beautiful design, and it makes quite a statement sometimes if I’m wearing a monochrome look. And, if that’s too much metal for you, there are other strap options, like the beautiful ones that Briston Watches offer.

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I know that gifting clothes is not always the best since it’s quite personal and it can be quite a headache to think that the other person is going to like, size, fit, and everything else. But, why not trying?

This year I’ve been wearing many clothes from my beloved MissyEmpire, as well as from other new companies such as Hachu and smaller independent brands like Apéro. I think it’s always nice to get some cute pieces from people you love, so every time you wear them you remember who gifted them to you.

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My obsession, my weakness. Skincare will always be one of my favourite things to try and improve on, since I consider it self-care and me-time, which is good for you for both inside and out. It makes your skin looks healthier and prettier, but is also a routine of pampering, relaxation, and loving yourself.

You know how much I love to try and review many skincare products, and this year I got to discover many great brands that I definitely recommend. First of all, we have Sukin Skincare, which is my favourite brand of all time and that I’ve talked about many times before, and the one that notoriously improved my skin. Then I would recommend Beauté Mediterránea for hair products, since that’s what they focus on and they have such a great selection of hair care products. And, last but not least, we have Rituals, which I would recommend for those of you who love scented products to have the best relaxing pampering time and showers.

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Because the best gifts aren’t materialistic. I will always say that the best gifts are the ones you keep as great memories of amazing times you had with your loved ones. That’s why I suggest you taking that special someone to somewhere they always wanted to go, to a concert you know they’ll love, or even to a nice dinner date.

As always, I think it’s more about the thought than the thing itself, so think about that person and what they’re going to love the most.

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I hope you all find the perfect gift for your loved ones and that you have a lovely Christmas time. I’m fully into Christmas content this December, and I can’t wait to share with you all the things I have prepared.

Which are your gifts this year? What would you like to get? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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