My favourite thing to do is going to coffee places and just spend a lot of time there. No matter if I’m working, meeting with a friend, reading, or just seeing life passing by. I love finding cute and unique coffee places that are not typical and really famous ones, and especially that are not really crowded.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my biggest secrets, which are my favourite coffee places from Barcelona. I don’t use to share that information since I feel they need to be secret and remain unknown so I can keep going and feeling that relaxed vibe. But, on the other hand, I feel like these are places you’d like if you ever come to Barcelona, so they’re worth sharing.


Located in one of the most touristy places in Barcelona but, for some reason, they haven’t found it yet. Right next door with Casa Batlló there’s another beautiful building called Casa Amatller, which you can also pay to visit, or just keep walking inside and you’ll find a really cute coffee shop called Faborit.

A while after I realized they’re a coffee chain all over Spain, but I guarantee that this one is really unique, since it is located inside a famous building, and they kept some original furniture to decorate the place. Also, there’s a cute little patio behind.

You can go for brunch, lunch, coffee or snacks, because they have a bit of everything, but my recommendation for you is their chocolate, since it’s their speciality. Definitely, the best one I’ve had in Barcelona.

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Espai Joliu

It is such a beautiful and unique coffee shop. Located in the Poble Nou neighbourhood, in a quiet street. I really like the idea of mixing a concept store and a coffee place all in one.

From the outside, you can’t really tell that’s a coffee place because it actually looks like a plants shop. In fact, you can buy plants, books, and also have a really good coffee (that’s their speciality). Indeed, the best coffee I’ve ever had. No doubt. Also, I must mention the brownies and cakes are really good.

The staff is really nice, the coffee and food are delicious, the place is beautiful and relaxing, and it’s such a calm place, so I really recommend you to go if you’re near.

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The little sister of Espai Joliu, also in Poble Nou but in a different area of the neighbourhood. Smaller place, less popular, less crowded, but the coffee is as good as the other place, or how I call it, the best coffee I’ve ever had. You can also enjoy the mix of concept store and coffee shop at once, but this one has more light and fewer plants.

As I said, same coffee, and a slightly bit smaller selection of pastries but essentially the same cakes, cookies and cinnamon buns. Also, the staff is also really nice and friendly, so it’s always great to be around such kind people.

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La Masala Cafe

A cute little place located in el Born, in such a little street that you wouldn’t find if you didn’t know this coffee place is there. They also have speciality coffee which is really good, and some other things to eat, like for example really yummy cakes.

It’s such a lovely and cosy place to be at, with some small tables, armchairs and even a cute little sofa that is really comfortable. I would say it’s the perfect place to go alone and read a book (even though it’s not a super quiet place but there’s a really nice atmosphere), with someone to have a long chat, or even to work on your laptop.

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A cute patisserie in the heart of the city, located in a cute little corner where you can see all the people passing by. I would say it’s a bit pricey but everything is too good, so you can’t leave without trying one of their amazing looking cakes and homemade sweets (it was too hard to choose just one).

It is half shop/half coffee place with a few tables, so it gets busy quite easily during peak hours, but I would say that the cute place and great cakes are worth the wait.

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So these have been all the coffee shops I’m going to share by now. I would definitely say these are my top ones with any kind of doubt. I’ve also been to other ones I’m considering to share soon on the blog. Also, remember that I have a highlighted folder on my Instagram all about food, coffee and brunch places around the city, which you can visit whenever it’s needed!

Have you been to any of these? Would you like to go to one of these coffee shops? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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