Something I secretly suffer every single winter season is from dry lips. My lips are extremely sensitive to changing temperatures so, during the winter season, it’s a nightmare. I have to be constantly putting on chapstick, but not any chapstick because there are many (and from really well-known brands) that don’t help me at all.

After years of experience, I finally found a couple brands that work for me (Eucerin is the one I’ve been using the most), and I’m sure I’m their best customer by now because of how many chapsticks I buy a year. I love coloured lipsticks a lot, but I do prioritise keeping my lips clear and well moisturised, rather than wearing a pretty nude colour on really chapped lips.

Today I wanted to talk about a brand I recently discovered through Instagram, Nat’s Organic Lab, which I got to try since they sent me a couple of their products, and I have to say that I genuinely like them very much. I got to try the coconut and the lavender lip balms.

They really caught my eye because of the really aesthetic packaging, and also because they only use organic products, and you know how much I value that. I was amazed by the nice but not too harsh smell (which is usually something that I try to avoid because that means it is full of chemicals, but this is not the case), and then also because of how smooth it was on my lips. Definitely a new brand I’ll be using a lot during these colder months.

Do you also have really dry lips? Which are your favourite lip balm brands? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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Lavender lip balm – Nat’s Organic Lab

Coconut lip balm – Nat’s Organic Lab

This post is in collaboration with Nat's Organic Lab