I really had to talk about this sometime, and today is the day.

You all know, because of how often I talk about it, and because I wear it on every single outfit I share, how much I adore gold jewellery. I would definitely say it’s a part of me now, since I can’t leave the house without a few gold details.

As time goes by, I’ve built quite a big and beautiful jewellery collection that I’m in love with, but it is my responsibility to take proper care of it and keep it looking brand new, so I get to wear these lovely pieces for as much time as I can. That’s why today I thought about giving you some advice on how to take proper care of your jewellery, since it can sometimes be quite delicate and it requires some attention.


I love skincare and my beloved perfumes, but they are such a risk for my jewellery. The chemicals and alcohol they have in their formulas can really damage your pieces, making them lose their shine or even something worse.

That’s the reason why you should avoid using this kind of products near to where you wear jewellery, or spraying/applying it before putting on the jewellery.


I know we all like to look fancy while doing exercise, but it is actually pretty bad for your jewellery pieces. I’m the first one who never follows this rule, basically because I forget about it every time. Sweat corrodes jewellery, and that’s the reason why you should remember to take it off.


Doesn’t really matter if you’re washing your hands, having a shower, a bath, or going swimming, remember to always take it off before doing so. Many pieces are meant to be water-resistant but that does not mean that they can get damaged with time, and especially lose their shine. And, it can be even worse if they make contact with hair products, which tend to have many harmful ingredients for your beloved pieces.


Jewellery should be carefully stored in order to keep it looking like it’s brand new. That’s why when you but new pieces, brands usually send them in cute pouches and jewellery boxes. That’s not only because it’s pretty, but because you should use them in order to take proper care of them.

The pieces should be individually stored in dark and dry places, and it also helps the pieces to not get tangled or scratched.


Make sure you clean the pieces regularly with a soft cloth. I know there are several products to clean jewellery, but I really wouldn’t trust any of them just in case. You can easily bring the shine back to your beloved pieces cleaning it gently with a soft cloth.

So these have been the few tips I had for you today. It is really easy to take care of your jewellery, but you just have to remember to do so. This way, you’ll be able to build a beautiful jewellery collection, since the pieces will look like the very first day for way longer.

Do you have any other tip? Did you already know any of these? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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