I posted my very first styling video on IGTV!

It’s been a long while since the idea of filming a styling video came to my mind, but I didn’t do it until now because I felt I didn’t have enough time to do it the proper way. I know this is not the best moment to post a styling video since we have to stay at home and the only time we dress up is to go to the shop, but we can all look fabulous when going to buy some food, right? Also, this way I can give you some inspiration for what to wear once the quarantine is over.

Since I’m used to taking pictures of my outfits instead of videos, I felt really awkward and clumsy while filming it since I didn’t really know how to move or what to do, but I guess I’ll improve in the upcoming ones. I’m actually pretty happy about how this video turned out and I’m really flattered from all the lovely feedback I received on Instagram after posting it.

Here I leave you a version I did for YouTube, even though I had to clone it to fit the format. Anyway, you can click HERE to go to my Instagram page and watch the original one from IGTV. I’m definitely going to film some more soon so I would really appreciate some requests of what to style next!

What do you think about the video? What do you want me to style next? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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White blouse / Yellow blouse / Daisy dress / Floral dress / Lilac blazer