Today is skincare time! I selected my most loved products that I’ve been using for a long while and that I swear by. As you can tell by the many posts I’ve shared on the blog about this topic, you can tell this is my favourite of them all. I’m a skincare lover and I never get bored of trying and reviewing new products and see which ones work the best for me. I love creating routines and pampering myself using different masks, moisturizers, serums, mists, etc, and them sharing mt favourites with everyone.

As I always say before recommending any products, every skin is a completely different thing so these products might not work that well for you. These are all products that have worked wonders on me and that’s the reason why I really want to recommend them to you all. Also, this post is not sponsored in any way even though I’ve collaborated with some of the brands I’m about to mention. I’m always more than happy to work with my favourite skincare brands or get to work with new ones and discover new great products.

This list could have been endless but I tried to narrow it to a product or two for each “product category”.


Creamy face scrub – Frank Body

If I had to choose just one product from the list I’m sharing today it would be this one. No doubt. I’m obsessed with this face scrub because it’s so effective yet perfect for sensitive skin types. The scrub is really nice and you can really feel it, without being too harsh on your skin. And then, you should leave it a few minutes on after exfoliating your skin, so all the amazing mix of oils and great ingredients it has get into your skin, leaving it feeling so smooth and glowy.

Rich moisture facial masque – Sukin

Such a gentle mask for those with sensitive skin types. I love how thick the masque is and how smooth and soft your skin feels after using it. I think it’s a good masque to just put on and relax for a bit.

Pure aloe vera – Atlantia

Such a basic product since it is pure aloe vera gel, but I have to admit that I absolutely love this product because it’s natural based and gentle with my skin. Not crazy moisturising but does the job when I’m looking for some light hydration.

Glow booster serum – Dior Beauty

Quite an investment and not that natural based but definitely worth it if you want a fabulous looking and glowy skin look. I swear by this serum and it’s definitely my go-to when I want my skin to look glowy and healthy. It smells like heaven and with a few drops, my skin looks absolutely gorgeous.

Facial mist – Löwengrip / Natural hydrating mist toner – Sukin

I think that face mists are one of my favourite skincare products. I’ve tried a few so far and I have to say that I’m pretty sceptical when it comes to the ingredients, since I’ve seen that many of them have alcohol and pretty harmful chemicals that usually react pretty badly with my skin so I always try to avoid them. My top two face mists are these ones from Löwengrip and Sukin, since they’re both really gentle with my skin, slightly moisturising, and it gives me a really natural and beautiful skin glow.

Dry touch fluid SPF 50+ – Eau Thermale Avène

A product I’ve never talked about before here on the blog but, indeed, very much needed. Using a good SPF is a must to take proper care of your skin and prevent early ageing, wrinkles and dark spots. It took me so long to find the perfect one for me since I have a really sensitive skin type and many sunscreens caused me chemical burns, but this one is the perfect one for me. It does not feel oily and stays on for so long.

So these are my top recommendations to when it comes to skincare. I tried to keep it as short and only mention my essentials, but there are too many products I’m crazy about and it was too hard to just pick a few. Also, soon I’ll be sharing my favourite products for body care.

Do you have any recommendations? Have you used any of the mentioned products? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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