Gioia Giustino is an art director, stylist, editor in chief of Balancae (beautiful coffee table book) and visual storyteller on her Instagram account. She’s been working with so many fashion and beauty brands creating beautiful imagery inspired by nature and architecture.

Briefly describe what you do as a content creator and how it all started?

It all starts with my main job. Being a Fashion Editor and Art director, creating content inspired by my work was a pleasant consequence.

You created a beautiful coffee table book. How did you decide to create something in a completely different format (printed)?

I had many things to communicate, the thickness is due to my unstoppable desire to overcome limits. 700 pages of pure love and passion.

It’s clear to see that you have a really personal way of creating and editing your photos which makes them unique. How did you figure out your own style and aesthetic for all the content you create?

My aesthetic is constantly evolving, personally, I still cannot define it because it is constantly changing. I leave to others a definite judgment. It represents me, this is inevitable. It refers to everything that inspires me, to what I love and feed on every day.

We’re going through a period of time where people are being asked to stay at home for their own (and other people’s) safety; this requires a change of routine and way of doing things. How do you stay creative during quarantine?

It’s not easy to find new sources of inspiration in this particular historical moment. Not leaving home does not help creative renewal, but it can make us deeper, more acute, silent and at the same time incisive and aware.

How do you think quarantine is affecting the content creator community?

Those who are creative always manage to communicate their being and their ideas at any time and circumstance.

There are many people that have always dreamed of starting their own platform (either on Instagram or a blog) but never have because of a lack of time. Do you think this is a good time to get creative and try new things?

This is a perfect time to change something.

Many of us are taking advantage of this time at home to improve our skincare routine. What is the one product you would really recommend?

Love for himself and for those you love. Love is the true ingredient that illuminates the skin like no other. Poetic aside, besides the right product, it is constancy that makes the difference.

And, last but not least: What are the first 3 things you’ll do after quarantine?

1. I want to see the sea again / 2. Embrace / 3. Walking around Rome, understanding it like never before.

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Love and lipstick ❤

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