And another week has gone by! To be honest, the only track I keep to know for how long we’ve been quarantined is to do this weekly update, so when I write the title I realise it’s been seven weeks already.

What about this last week?

I’ve had a pretty nice week since the weather has been lovely and that really affects my mood. Spring is definitely here and I love having so much natural light at home because it’s so sunny outside, as well as spending time at the terrace getting a bit of a tan.

Also, I’ve been preparing so many skincare posts (you know how much I love skincare) which I’m really excited to share since I think it’s the perfect content to offer right now since everybody is at home. You know I’m all about posting the right content at the right time so this way it’s useful and has some value, and I really hope you enjoy what’s about to come.

Another thing I’ve been enjoying a lot this past week is talking to so many of you on Instagram since you’ve seemed to engage more than ever with my stories. It’s always nice to meet new people and have a bit of a chat.

What about this upcoming week?

From now on we’re allowed to go out for an hour a day (in a certain timeframe) so I couldn’t be happier. I live right next to a big park and I can’t wat to go for a walk and get to see my beautiful city from the top.

It’s really important to slowly get back to normality and used to spend a bit of time outdoors because I feel like we’ve been spending too much time in and the fact of going out for something else than going to the shop seems quite weird.

What have you been up to this last week? Anything in mind for the upcoming one? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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