Helen Driscoll, also known as Style Structure, is a content creator focused on fashion, beauty and interior design. She’s well known for her beautiful photography that takes all by herself with the only help of a tripod, as well as always finding different ways to make shots much more interesting with lighting and movement.

Briefly describe what you do as a content creator and how it all started?

Stylestructure started in 2012 as a creative outlet to share my daily outfits whilst living in New York. It was originally a Facebook group! Then it developed onto Tumblr, followed by Instagram and my website. Over the years my passion has moved across to photography and interiors.

Many people ask for help to partners, friends and family to take their photos, but you
take all the photos yourself, with the help of a tripod. Which is your best advice for
someone who also wants to take all the photos by herself?

I started to capture self-portraits in 2016, as back then I worked full-time and could only photograph my content on weekends. It has now become a big part of my brand as I now capture all my images this way. Self-portrait photography gives you extra flexibility, and also teaches you how to use your camera and shoot on manual mode. It also teaches you patience, as you spend longer getting to know your angles and what works for you. My best advice would be perseverance and not worry about what other people think. Start at home, then maybe to a quiet street. In no time, you’ll hopefully feel confident enough to travel with your tripod. I have some more tips in this article (here).

It’s clear to see that you have a really personal way of creating and editing your photos
which makes them unique. How did you figure out your own style and aesthetic for
all the content you create?

I think the best way to find your personal aesthetic is to base it off your lifestyle and what makes you content. There are certain things in my day to day which makes me happy; Coffee, clothing made of natural fibres and home design. My Instagram and website is the mood I currently feel. It can change season to season, and if I spend time in different places.

We’re going through a period of time where people are being asked to stay at home
for their own (and other people’s) safety; this requires a change of routine and way of
doing things. How do you stay creative during quarantine?

We are in week 6 of lockdown in the UK, and even weeks before that we were advised to stay at home week before. It has become the new normal. Most days I have a routine to keep a bit of structure to my day. Good food and exercise help me stay focused. I am lucky to have sunlight in my apartment for most of the day, so I think the sunshine has been helping me. I am also pushing myself creatively with self-portraits doing things a bit differently. This month, I’ve been enjoying creating content around the word ‘Balance’ as it’s an important word right now. We shouldn’t feel guilty having lazy days as we are all dealing with COVID-19 differently emotionally.

How do you think quarantine is affecting the content creator community?

I think it’s encouraging creators to create content on their own, and it’s a bigger challenge for a lot of us as we only have 4 walls to do that in. I am also hoping it’s making people realise we can be happy with less; whether that’s clothing or reduced travel. I’ve seen a lot of women doing their own nails, creating self-care days at home, and date nights with their loved ones. If anything, we could potentially continue with a lot of these activities even when a level of normality resumes.

There are many people that have always dreamed of starting their own platform
(either on Instagram or a blog) but never have because of a lack of time. Do you think
this is a good time to get creative and try new things?

Yes definitely. If you have a passion for it then go for it. Especially if you are currently furloughed and can’t work from home. Spend that time getting creative!

Many of us are taking advantage of this time at home to improve our skincare routine.
What is the one product you would really recommend?

That’s a tough one! Can I choose 2? I have used Eve Lom Creme Cleansing balm for nearly 2 years and in opinion one of the best cleansers on the market. Followed by Augustinus Badar ‘The Cream’. It’s a bit pricey, but he only has 3 products in his whole brand which has remarkable scientifically tested properties.

And, last but not least: What are the first 3 things you’ll do after quarantine?

Hopefully, catch my flight to Sydney in 3 weeks, grab a good coffee and take long walks with good friends.

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Love and lipstick ❤


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