This feels like the never-ending story. Wow, nine weeks already. Who would have thought this would happen? It still feels like a crazy situation to me when I stop and think about it, but I feel like the best right now is to keep going with our lives, taking care of us and everyone around, and not focusing too much in all this unique situation we’re all living.

It’s been a lovely week full of weekly walks around the streets and the mountain (in the timeframe we’re allowed to), as well as lots of studying for upcoming uni exams and also family birthdays. It’s so sad that we don’t get to properly celebrate birthdays like they deserve to, but at least we manage to make everyone feel happy and “surrounded” by people that love them.

Another thing I’ve been doing this week and that I couldn’t be happier about is that I’ve filmed a couple of skincare videos to share early next week on my IGTV. It’s just really simple and short videos (3 to 4 minutes) talking about specific skincare things such as how to create a basic routine, my favourite products, my personal morning and evening routine, most common mistakes, etc. I think it’s valuable content to share and that could be of your interest, and I can’t wait to share it soon.

What about this upcoming week?

As I mentioned, I’ve been studying for uni exams which will be starting next week. Other than that, I’ll start sharing my skincare IGTVs and I’m excited to see all your thoughts about them and see how they perform in order to film more for a near-future or change the idea for something else.

Also, I want to shoot more content since the weather is supposed to be lovely and you all know how much I love to shoot with natural light.

How’s your week been? Anything exciting happening the next one? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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