Yesterday I had so much fun asking you on my Instagram Stories what have you learned during quarantine so far. Obviously, this new situation has taught us all things we wanted to learn for so long, or that we didn’t even think about until now. But, either way, we have to be happy we learned something new during the quarantine.

Creativity has been the number one since I got many questions related to creating things such as pottery (something really interested that I’d love to try someday), photography, painting, writing, sewing masks to donate, homemade decor (those foam mirrors have been a huge trend lately), and obviously all the cooking and baking (especially the famous banana bread).

I think it’s great to see than when in a completely new and unexpected situation we all get creative and strive for learning new things. And, obviously, this is all great things that keep us entertained and that will definitely be useful in a near future (if not now).

When it comes to my own quarantine experience, I have to say that I’ve also learned many things, or at least improved since I’ve practised a lot.

First of all I’ll say I’ve improved a lot with my photography. Not only camera-wise (how it all works and get to use the manual mode better), but also to find which is my style of photography and to show my personality through it. Definitely the thing I’m the most proud of. Then, I’m also really happy I got to bake so much (I’ve completely lost the track of how many banana breads I’ve done so far), and the best about it is that later I can share what I’ve done with my loved ones and eat it.

These would be my top two and most noticeable improvements, but there are many other things I’m happy about. I’m also reading way more than usual and I’m so happy of all the books I’ve read so far. Also, I’ve started to play my guitar again and it feels so good to do something that makes me so happy and that for some reason I gave up on a long time ago. And, last but definitely not least, I’ve learned how to get used to unexpected and uncertain situations, as well as handle all the work pressure and stress that happened at the very beginning.

This experience is definitely teaching us many things, and all we can do is to get the most out of it and try to learn as much as we can now that we have this big chance and perfect excuse.

What have you learned during quarantine? Anything else to learn next? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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