I feel like the title is a statement that shouldn’t be said since everybody should already know it but, unfortunately, it’s not that way. We’re all conscious about the fact that social media does not show all the aspects and sides of someone’s life, but that does not change the way we feel about ourselves when, without realising, we compare our real life to someone else’s social media life.

This is a problem that can get quite serious some times since there are people who compare themselves too much with someone’s social media posts. You should never compare yourself with someone’s profile because a) they’re just sharing a selection of that they want to show and b) you have no idea about the other aspects of that person’s life.


I’ve never compared myself too much to other people on the internet, but I do agree that I used to follow many accounts that looked too idyllic and too “forced” to the point where it looked fake. Those accounts weren’t providing me with any benefits, but just dreams that I could do, have or look like that someday.

That’s the reason why one day I decided to do a major cleanout and unfollow all those accounts that didn’t spark joy (I know, this sounded very Marie Kondo). I wanted to make sure that all the accounts I follow give me something else than fake dreams and desires that could lead to comparing what I have and who I am. Instead, I wanted to follow people who taught me things, inspired me with their photos and captions, with beautiful stories and personalities, that made me learn something new, and that pushed me to improve and to be a better version of myself, without the need of comparison.

That’s why, every time I scroll down my Instagram feed, I get so inspired from all the people I follow, as well as a great feeling of how many talented people there are out there.

Do you get inspired by the people you follow on Instagram? What do you think about social media vs. reality? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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