A lot has been going on on the news and social media since the very start of the year. 2020 seems like a total nightmare for both humanity and nature. Half of Australia on fire and thousands of animals who lost their habitat, a global pandemic that made us stay at home while losing loved ones and our jobs, another man killed just because of his skin colour… These are all things that have happened and that somehow could have been avoided if we all were more socially responsible and conscious about the importance of taking care of the world we live in. ⁠

Social media kept us informed and uninformed at the same time because of all the fake news that have been circulating on the net. We must be responsible and cautious of the information we share and always verify it’s legitimate. ⁠⁠

But, another really good part of social media has been communities. I’ve always said that social media communities are powerful and, when used the right way, really beneficial. All of us, no matter if we have big or small audiences, have to make sure we use our voices for a good cause. ⁠

My platform has always been there to empower people, share the importance of self-care and the care for others, promote self-expression, and always inspire people to do better. Maybe I do this through fashion, skincare, or whatever I’m talking about, but there’s always a message behind what I share. ⁠

The fact that I’m starting to share my own content again does not mean I’m done with the current situation because it’s not a trend but a movement, and it will continue until all human beings are aware of the reality and can enjoy the freedom and rights they deserve. ⁠

I hope we all take this year not as the worst of our lives but as the one when we got many chances to change many things that weren’t working the right way and needed to be changed as soon as possible. We’re all capable of learning from our own mistakes and try not to do them ever again.

Take care. Love and lipstick ❤

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