Something I’ve been reading about these last days and I’ve been trying to know as much as possible has been the difference of professional opportunities given to content creators depending on their skin colour.

It’s not shocking that brands give better offers to content creators on how they look like, and it’s been a topic of discussion for years. But, the point here is not only that there are little differences but a huge pay gap and lack of opportunities to black creators.

I heard on someone’s video that black creators were given 70% less money than white creators when doing a campaign with a brand. This huge difference shocked me and I even believed that was an exaggeration until @influencerpaygap started on Instagram. This account encourages content creators and influencers to share with them the best collaboration gig they’ve had (skin colour, number of followers, engagement rate, number of posts and how much they were paid). I recommend you to read a few posts and see by yourself how crazy different the offers given to black and white creators are, even though they have the same number of followers and engagement rate.

But, money is not only the only issue. Many creators are not even offered money but gifted-only campaigns because every time they ask for their work to be paid all brands answer with “there’s no budget for this campaign”. Also, many content creators are turned down because of their skin colour, so they don’t even get a chance to collaborate with a brand and show their worth.

Even though I don’t have a huge audience, I want to use my platforms for a good cause. Because of that, I decided that the next interviews for my “Interviews” section on the blog will be black creators only during this month. I reached several amazing black content creators I follow on Instagram to see if they would like to tell more about their work and how they feel this content community is doing so far with the #blacklivesmatter movement, and I was so surprised by how many women accepted.

I really want to use my platforms to give visibility to these women and so they can say, with their own words and from their own personal experience, how they feel and how the industry is really like. Every week I’ll share one or two interviews and I can assure you it’ll be worth having a read. Not only you will get inspired by their beautiful content, but you will educate yourself too. I’ll be announcing every week on my Instagram Stories who is going to be the next interviewed creator.

I hope you like these upcoming interviews, that you read them all, and that hopefully the content creator community becomes more aware of the situation and it starts changing soon, so we’re all given the same opportunities under the same terms.

Are you excited about these black creator’s interviews? Anyone you would like me to interview? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Take care. Love and lipstick ❤

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