Onyi Moss (@mossonyi) is a content creator and youtuber from Nigeria, now based in the UK. She has the most beautiful Instagram feed I’ve ever seen, because of her style and beautiful photography. Also, not only her photos are inspiring but her words too.

Briefly describe what you do as a content creator and how it all started?

I’m a self-taught fashion, travel and lifestyle photographer and writer. I fell into photography by accident when I was unemployed and was trying to find a job as an accountant because that’s what I studied. While binge watching reality TV shows, I stumbled across one that really caught my eye called “Fashion Bloggers”. It featured a group of women who were all self-taught photographers taking amazing self-portraits and writing about their journey. It piqued my interest so much so that I ordered a camera with my rent money to begin teaching myself photography. Seven years later, photography remains a passion of mine and I can’t see my life without it.

How do you take your photos?

I shoot with the Canon 5D MK III together with the Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens or Sigma 20mm f1.4 wide angle lens. My husband shoots me sometimes, other times I take self-portraits using a tripod and the inbuilt self-timer found in my camera. My current tripod is by Manfrotto.

It’s clear to see that you have a really personal way of creating and editing your photos which makes them unique. How did you figure out your own style and aesthetic for all the content you create?

It took me a while to figure out my style. I came about it by a lot of trial and error. Eventually I decided to mesh my love for film and photography together hence the strong storytelling you’ll find in my images.

Where do you get inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from films, nature, and places that look like they have a history to them. I strive to connect with whatever is left of the story with anything I encounter.

Have you noticed a lack of professional opportunities for black creators?

Yes, I have. Too often we’re neglected or when included are there to fulfil tokenism. Brands continue to neglect a lot of black content creators who have real influence.

Have you ever felt underpaid (or been given gifted-only opportunities) for your professional content creation work?

Yes, I have. But I learnt very early on to know my worth and I continue to push for what I’m worth every day.

Do you think that brand campaigns and events are diverse?

Brand campaigns and events still have a very long way to go when it comes to diversity and inclusivity. But I’m hoping they’re paying closer attention now and educating themselves on how to fix the issues that they have ignored for so long.

Which are three black-owned small businesses that you would recommend?

  • Fashion: Shop A.Au
  • Beauty: Juvia’s Place
  • Art: Christella Bijou.

Anything you would like my audience to be aware of?

At the moment I’m spending most of my time indoors. I hope to resume travelling once it’s safe but have no destination planned yet. In the meantime, you can find me over on my Instagram and blog.

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Love and lipstick ❤