Dana Emmanuelle-Jean Nozime (@dananozime) is a content creator and model based in Chicago, Illinois. Her content is focused on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty and uses her platform to share all things that inspire her.

Briefly describe what you do as a content creator and how it all started?

I have always used Instagram as a creative outlet but held back on consistently posting my style/outfits and things I loved. Over the summer of
2019 I moved to Chicago and started to share more of what I loved on a regular basis. This turned into my account growing and more opportunities arising. There are many different things you can do as a content creator but my main focus is sharing my style, lifestyle, and beauty.

How do you take your photos?

I started out with my signature mirror selfies in outfits because unlike other
content creators I didn’t have someone to follow me around to snap photographs of my outfits. This evolved into a mixture of different types of photos but I still consistently use my mirror to capture images.

It’s clear to see that you have a really personal way of creating and editing
your photos which makes them unique. How did you figure out your own
style and aesthetic for all the content you create?

Figuring out my approach to the style and aesthetic of my page was quite easy because I didn’t really think much about it— I just simply started posting and still post whatever I love. Of course there is a constant theme whether it is mirror shots or close ups but at the end of the day I don’t put too much time into planning my feed.

Your sense of style is amazing. Where do you get inspiration from?

I gather inspiration from everything around me. Art, movies, people, books, and brands that inspire me.

Have you noticed a lack of professional opportunities for black creators?

One thing I have always noticed is that my feed and those I followed were mainly white women. I’ve always noticed a lack of black women being included in brand campaigns, influencers partnerships, and many other important opportunities. Although this is started to change which is amazing. A lot more needs to be done.

Have you ever felt underpaid (or been given gifted-only opportunities)
for your professional content creation work?

Yes! I think it’s very awkward and upsetting when you find out someone with a similar following and content is getting paid more then you and it’s something that definitely needs to be included in the conversation and changed.

Do you think that brand campaigns and events are diverse?

Again, although I am emerging in the influencer world I have always been following those included in it and have definitely noticed. Slowly but surely I do and hope to see more changes being made to include more diversity.

Which are three black-owned small businesses that you would

My first would be CLAUDE HOME which sells vintage furniture. I’ve always been so inspired be interior design and their page @claudehome has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. Riot Swim @riotswim is sexy and the most luxurious feeling swimwear that everyone should have included in their swimwear lineup. Lastly Local European @localeuropean is a clothing brand that has the perfect staple pieces every girl needs in their wardrobe.

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Love and lipstick ❤