A different point of view

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.

Today I’m going to show you my favorite trends for sunglasses. I love wearing them because I think that they can give you that special touch to your outfits.

The most important thing is that this summer retro is the biggest trend.

Bright mirrored lenses:

Give that colorful touch to your outfits.


(Ray Ban)

Embellished frames:

In fact, with studs, floral appliqués, and metallic finishes, there’s no need to add on any extra jewels and that’s the best thing about it.

This is the best DIY that you can do. You only need a pair of sunglasses and some things (like flowers, gems…) to stick them to the frame.

Round styles:

You must love them because they give you a very special retro touch.

miu miu

(Miu Miu eyewear)

Flat top/square:

You’ll look sleeker with this kind of 80’s 90’s sunglasses. Think of them as the hybrid between aviators and oversize frames.

Sense títol

(Forever 21)


The best thing about them is that you can wear the same pair with a sporty look and with a cocktail dress.



Cat eye:

Turn into the sophisticated side only wearing a pair of this glamorous sunglasses.



Which is your favorite trend? Mine is cat eye, tell me yours in the comment box!

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