Beach essentials

It’s summer time and we start going to the beach. If you do keep reading, because I’m going to show you my beach essentials.

The most important thing is a beach bag where you’ll keep all the things that I’m going to show you next.

beach bag

The next thing is a bathing suit or a bikini, that’s your choice. This is from Triangl, but if you want to check out the post where I show more bikinis click here.


You’ll need something to walk to the beach, so I advise you to wear flip flops. They don’t take up much space in your beach bag.

flip flops

To immortalize all the moments you must take always a camera with you. You can use the phone’s camera but I’ll choose an Instax Mini 8 (polaroid camera) because they’re so cute!


You won’t be all the time in the water, so you’ll need something to spend the time on. I’ll carry a fashion magazine with me.

fashion magaxine

There’s a lot of sun, so I’m sure that you’re going to need something to cover your head.

floppy hat

I use to be hungry, so what’s more healthy than fruit?


A very imporant thing is always have awesome music on the phone or music player.


You musn’t get burned so the first thing that you should do is wear sun cream.

sun cream

Trendy? Of course! If you want to see this season’s trends about sunglasses click here.


You’ll need a beach towel. There are a lot of different prints, you only have to find yours.


If you love wearing makeup like me you have to remember that maybe you’re going to get wet. So, please, remember to use WATERPROOF MASCARA.

wateerproof mascara

A lot of water because it’s very important for the body.water

And I think that that’s all the things that I wanted to show you that I use to keep in my beach bag.

I hope you enjoyed and tell me in the comment box what do you use to carry to the beach!

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