Welcome to the NYFW

There’s nothing better than being the first to see a new collection and get ispired by the top designers. We all don’t have the chance to attend to high level fashion shows, so I’m bringing you the New York Fashion Week right here.


desigual style

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of this brand because it’s ususally so so colorsful and with a lot of differentpatterns, and that’s not my kind of style.But this time I really liked the colors because were not as strident as summer ones, patterns were beautiful and chothe’s shape were beautiful.

What I saw the most were brownish and reddish colors, and flower and kind of ethnical prints inspired in a kind of tribal style.

What I liked the most were the belts around the waist to define the body shape.



This show was amazing because of the atmosphere created with mirrors and fog, and the music that gave a very cool vibe.

I’m very fan of black & white sporty-chic clothes, and I literally felt in love with pretty everything.

We could see huge bomber jackets, lace up clothes, choker neck laces, septum rings, dark lips, platform shoes, crop tops and Gigi Hadid too.

This was a Rihanna’s fisrt collection for Puma and she’s very proud of it. Of course she has to be!


custo bcn style.jpg

In this “reborn” collecion the brand has changed a little bit the colors for darker ones.

In this show we could see ankle boots, different textures and prints,  and some amazing necks.

What I like the mst were entire outfits in the same color (black) but playing with textures to look gorgeous.

As accessories they bet for very big glasses and sunglasses too.

For the makeup they kept it natural using only very light pink for the lips. I really like how it looks.


alexander wang style.jpg

First of all I have to say that I’m sure that everybody freaked out with this show. Punk girls in a church! It’s the first time that someone does a thing like this, and we’ll remember Alexander Wang as the one who did it.

Breaking up with the religious vibe that was in there we could the the most rebellious models wearing kind of teen city girl clothes.

Those girls wore choker necklaces, silver and gold accessories, black & white, ankle boots, words like “strict” wrote everywhere, beanies, furry clothes, striped pattern, and more.


victoria beckham style.jpg

A lot of elegance was in there. All the designs were so clean, feminine and stylish. Once again she has definitely beated herself.

We could see marvelous colors like black, white, blue and reddish. What we saw the most? Squared pattern and stripes were everywhere.

Turtle necks, high necks, long coats, long dresses, mix and match, sweetheart necklines, pointy shoes and more. That’s what we saw.

What do I liked the most? The hairstyle. That low ponytail gave the outfits an extra elegance.


michael kors style.jpg

I couldn’t expect less from one of my favorite brands. As always, all was amazing.

It reminded me like a Chanel style because it felt like we were back to 60’s.

We could see short dresses, big sunglasses, not too big bags, the iconic lainey loafers, brownish, blue and green colors and also metallic dresses.

On top of the amazing show we alse could see Kendall Jenner.

What do I liked the most? The furry coats looked gorgeous, in all colors, with all the outfits.

So this has been a little bit of what we could see during the NYFW. There were even more brands, but I just picked some to talk about. If you’re interested in any other just look for them on the internet and I’m sure that you’ll find the full shows.

Tell me in the comments down below what do you think about the collection and which’s your favorite. I think that I’d choose Puma. And you?

Love and lipstick ❤