Creeper sneakers – Rihanna x Puma

I’ve been thinking about buying sneaker from an other brand because I’m always in the same ones (Adidas and Nike). But nothing convinced me at all, so I was just waiting.

Maybe you know that Rihanna have designed a huge collection for Puma called Fenty, that we could see in the NYFW (check out that post here). I felt in love with the entire collection, but what’s best is that she has continued creating more amazing pieces for Puma.


This are the creeper sneakers from the Fenty collection. I really like their style with the suede and that original sole. They can be used for a lot of different styles. From sporty to comfy and even more dressed up. They’re sold out in the online store right now but you can try to find them in stores. Look how famous have they become, that a lot of low cost stores have done similar sneakers.


They’re a very good choice to skip the typical Adidas and Nike that are so trendy right now, but that everyone have. So I’m sure that with this sneakers you’ll be even more trendy.

What do you think about them? Tell me your opinion in the comment box down below.

Love and lipstick ❤

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