Nivea peel-off mask review

I remember myself when I was a little child playing with glue. I really liked to see how it dried on my hands because I really liked to peel it off afterwards. Maybe this sounds a little bit strange and pitiful, but I know that the other kids made it too.

Now that I have grown up I discovered something much better, and that have mucho more sense than covering your hands with glue. I’m talking about the peel-off masks for your face, that are suposed to purify and help you to get rid of the dead skin.

I’ve been searching for one for so long and a couple of weeks ago I found the Nivea peel-off purifying mask and I bought it because I really wanted to try. This is a very well-known brand, so I really belived that it was going to be effective.


So I followed the instructions. I washed my face to get rid of makeup, I applied the mascara (that is a kind of thick gel) and I let it dry for approximately 15 minutes. I was really really anxious to peel it off, so I started from the outer corners of my face to the center. The feeling on my face was so strange but at the same time kind of pleasant.

After removing the mask from my face I felt it so clean and so much smoother. I definitely recommend you to try this. This should be used once or twice a week ( I do use it once every week) and your skin will get better, I’m sure.

Have you ever tried a peel-off mask like this? Would you recommend me an other kind of mask or brand? Tell me everything you want about it in the comment box down below!

Love and lipstick ❤

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