Beauty products to snap up this summer

Maybe it has been a little too long since I talked for the last time about makeup products. I’m a huge beauty lover and I’m always buying tones of new products to try. I’m that kind of person that sees a drugstore and has the need to go into the shop and take a look to all the brands, and obviously I end buying something. But this vice has something positive, that is that I have tried a lot of different products and now I’m able to say wich ones are the best, in my opinion of course.

I don’t know you, but in summer I don’t feel good wearing a lot of makeup, well, what I use to wear during the whole year. During summer I use to sweat and having something covering my face feels horrible, I just don’t like it. So today I decided to gather a few makeup/beauty products that I highly recommend to use during summer.

Beauty products to snap up this summer
This are my go to products for summer, as you can see some of them are makeup products and other for skin care. Let’s talk a little bit about each one of them:
  1. Astringent lotion from La Roche-Posay: After washing my face every morning and before going to bed I apply this lotion to my face. This is supposed  to “tight and help to unblock the pores” and definitely it does.
  2. Moisturizer from La Roche-Posay: This is my every day moisturizer that I use every single morning, and that’s pretty all I wear on my face for summer (sometimes a little bit of light compact powder too). Thanks to this cream my skin is moisturized and at the same time it keeps my face without unexpected horrible shines during the day.
  3. Mascara from Rimmel London: This is the mascara that I wear all the time and I really like it because it doesn’t leave an amount of product on my lashes. It’s pretty light and that’s why I like it so much.
  4. Long lasting lipstick from Rimmel London by Kate Moss: As you may know I’m a huge lover of Rimmel London, specially their lipsticks. The shades of the collection of Kate Moss are so pretty and I think that perfect for summer. I absolutely recommend you to try this lipsticks because they last so long and they have a very good price. I use the shade 105 Velvety Mauve.
  5. Smart lip pencil by Kiko Milano: I’ve been using this only for a week but I can say that I love it so much. It’s so pigmented and it last so long, so I definitely will use it a lot this summer. This is the shade 703 Rosewood.
  6. Ultimate pen long wear eyeliner from Kiko Milano: I don’t wear every single day the winged eyeliner, but when I do I always use this pen because it’s so easy to use (honestly I’m so pitiful doing my eyeliner) and last all day long without running.
  7. Peel-off purifying mascara from Nivea: A couple of days ago I reviewed this product (check it out here) and I wanted to show it to you again because I adore it. It leaves my skin so fresh and soft and that’s exactly how I need to feel my face during summer. I use it once a week.
  8. Under the shower body lotion from Nivea: My skin is dry but I hate applying body loton specially in summer because I feel sticky and I hate it. So this has been the best discovery I’ve ever made. When I’m in the shower I apply this body lotion and then you’re ready to go, without feeling sticky!
So here you have the link of all the products I’ve talked about. Have you ever tried any of them? Would you recommend me some? Tell me about it in the comment box down below!
Love and lipstick ❤

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