Recently I’m really into decoration and house stuff since I’m doing a bit of a makeover of my space. For me, the most important room in the house is mine, since it’s where I spend most of the time and where I have my “office” and working spot. But, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the house is not important. It is important to keep a cohesive vibe and style between all the rooms of the house, so today I’m going to talk about another really important area, which is the living room.

The living room is definitely what guests see the most in your home. It’s an area where you welcome and spend time with them, so it is important to keep it looking nice. It can be difficult to decide how to change it sometimes, as you are so used to living in it as it is. But, today I’m going to be sharing with you a bit of inspiration so you can get a few new ideas to change up your living room and make you feel like it’s a newly renovated space, straight out of a magazine.

Make a statement on your walls

It’s nice to keep some walls bare to make the space seem bigger and brighter, but it’s also a great idea to create an art gallery on one of them with your favourite prints or photographs. You have many options with this one as you could go for a variety of frames in different shapes and sizes, or keep to the same frame for every print and create clean lines. It’ll be so much fun to decide where everything goes, and the result will be unique.

Focus on the flooring

Only by changing your flooring you can give your living room an entirely different look and feel. Whether you go for rich, fluffy carpets or vinyl floor tiles, you will have two completely different textures and they will create two completely different results. They can set the vibe for the rest of the room, so do take the time to focus on the flooring and decide which will be the best choice.

Since Barcelona is quite warm all year round, the best choice is to have a laminate or wooden flooring, but it’s also a great idea to add rugs for your living room to add a bit of texture and colour. They can make the room feel cosy without the need for a wall to wall carpet. They are also easier to change and clean, especially if you have any pets.

Give it new accent colours

You can change the colour scheme of your living room simply by altering the accent colours. It is worth starting with a fairly neutral palette (and you already know how much I love neutral tones), perhaps creams, whites or greys. With these as your room’s base colours, you can then change the look and colour of the room simply by using your accent colours. Again, as I said in another previous post, it’s so much fun to change little details from season to season.

Accessories and small details are brilliant for helping you to add accents, so you could choose an orange lamp, some candles, cushions and also a throw, and that would be perfect for the autumn season.

So these have been my top three tips to easily change your living room a bit and make it feel like a brand new space to welcome all your guests and enjoy your time there. I really think these are really simple and quick ideas that can completely change the look and vibe of the space without breaking the bank.

Did any of these tips help? Do you have any other tip? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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