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Let me start saying how important it is to stay home these days. I know we all would prefer being out doing things and going to places, but it is extremely important to stay home to prevent spreading the virus and collapsing, even more, the hospitals. This situation is not nice to anyone but, as I’ve previously said here on the blog, the earlier we stop the earlier we’ll continue. So please, stay at home.

Now that I’ve said that, I’m going to explain why it is so important to keep yourself busy these days and ideas of what to do. It is key to stay active and do things to keep a positive and healthy mood. The lack of socialising, outdoor activities and natural light can have pretty bad effects on people, especially if mixed with the bad news and day after day of staying in. That’s the reason why it is so important to keep doing things and taking as much time for yourself as needed.

Below I leave you some of my top ideas (which I’ve done in the past few days, and I’ll continue doing for sure) that I think can help you overcome this crisis with positivity and good mental health:

  • Get a daily dose of natural Vitamin D: Doesn’t really matter if you have a garden, terrace or balcony. It is a must to get some natural sunlight every day to get the daily dose of vitamin D that your body needs to stay healthy and happy.
  • Maintain a healthy diet: Now, more than ever, we eat terribly because we’re the whole day snacking. Right? Make sure you have a healthy diet that provides your body with all the nutrients and benefits from food that it needs. Of course, a bit of snacking is always allowed.
  • Keep contact with your friends and family: Nowadays we have many ways to keep in touch with people. It is so important to keep talking and catching up with your loved ones, but not only on text messages but “face to face”. A recommendation? Meet for virtual coffee dates with your friends and talk for a while regularly. I can assure you it always feels amazing.
  • Be comprehensive: We are all stuck in this situation, but there are people who react to it differently than others. We have to be comprehensive with everyone and try to help those who need it the most. Nobody needs bad vibes now, so make sure you give a hand to those who are not feeling their best.
  • Exercise: Alright, we all know that staying in doesn’t mean not moving at all. There are many ways to exercise at home. You can play Just Dance, look for yoga tutorials or have a little workout routine. There are no excuses, and this will be key for both your physical and mental health.
  • Do everything you never do: Now it’s time to do all those things you had to do but never did. This could be finally cleaning your makeup brushes, organising your closet, redecorating the house, or whatever you like.
  • Get creative: This is the best time to take time for yourself and let go of all your creativity. Write a book, do some journaling, practise your photography, anything you always wanted to do but never had time for.
  • Look for entertainment: We all have streaming services such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime to watch multiple films and series, so now’s the perfect time for that. Also, you can also try to find a good book (check out my latest recommendations here).

I hope these ideas help you overcome these days. Remember, it’s so important to stay at home so don’t be selfish and stay in. This will eventually go away and we’ll remember these days as “the days we all stayed in sending memes and watching Netflix”.

Do you have any other recommendation? How are you feeling about it? I think it’s really important right now to stay connected and support each other, so any other recommendation will be more than welcome.

Love, lipstick and stay safe ❤

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