Quarantine has definitely changed tha game for all of us. I was already used to working from home since the majority of work I do is on the laptop, but when it comes to content creation and sources of inspiration I spend so much time outside wandering around.

The fact of not being able to take any more pictures outside, and especially now that the spring weather is lovely here in Barcelona, and having to take all of them from home has been a sudden change any of us expected. I did create some content at home before but it was just a couple photos per month maximum.

With all this time spend inside so far, I have to say I got to the point where I feel that I nail every single shot in so little time. I think that “at-home” photos have to look pretty effortless but I tried too hard to make it look homely that it used to take me ages and it didn’t even look like I wanted to. But, after this much time and practise, I have perfected my technique and I love shooting from home.

Honestly? I miss shooting outside and wandering around, but the fact of not being in a rush and shooting whenever I want from home is amazing. I have to say that from now one, even though we’re not quarantined anymore, there’s going to be a lot of home made content because I’ve fallen in love with it.

Other than that, what I do deeply miss so bad is to get inspiration from everywhere. I always say that Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for me and it’s really handy since I can organise it all in boards which makes my work a lot easier, but I do miss all the inputs I get from everywhere when I’m out for a coffee and a chat with my friends, for a walk with my partner, reading in my favourite city spot, etc. I do feel like the lack of inputs has really affected me when it some to creativity and new ideas about topics to write about, so that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

What has changed for you during quarantine? What do you miss the most? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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