As a 20-year-old female skincare lover, I’ve had to hear so many different statements about skincare that I couldn’t disagree more about. I really think that there are many things, which I would call complete misconceptions, that should be changed in society, and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.


Skincare is a thing that old people do. Why do you have a skincare routine if you’re only 20? I’ve heard that many times and I’m sure you have too. For some reason, skincare is conceived as something that old people do, since it is usually related to wrinkles and anti-ageing.

It’s never too soon to start taking proper care of yourself, treat your skin concerns and (if you want to talk about anti-ageing) start working on preventing ageing too early.


This is usually said by people who have never given skincare a try, used the right products in the right order, or that didn’t use them long enough to see any results. Skincare is effective when it’s used the right way during enough time to start seeing its effectiveness. Nothing changes overnight, so you just have to be patient and take care of yourself every single day in order to see any results.


This is a topic I want to talk about soon, where I’ll explain the reasons why a skincare product can get pricey. But, let me say that there are many great products out there that are really affordable too. It’s all about doing a bit of research and getting to know brands that are not that common.

Also, would you like me to write a post about the best affordable skincare brands?


Wrong. Very wrong. Skincare is not something that only women can do because it’s all about pampering and looking pretty. No. It’s about taking care of yourself and making sure your skin is healthy. I have many male friends that take care of themselves by having a simple skincare routine and that does not make them less of a man.

Skincare is for everyone who cares about themselves and that want to be healthy and look nice. Also, following a routine is such a therapeutic thing in my opinion, since it’s a relaxing time.

So these have been the few statements or misconceptions I think that must change, and I really hope that someday soon people will be more into good and effective skincare as a form of self-love and staying healthy inside and out.

Can you think about any other misconception? What would you like me to write about next (skincare related)? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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