I can finally say that Barcelona has moved to “phase 1”, which means that we’re allowed to go out for a drink at a terrace or go to other people’s houses, and it feels like such an improvement after so long. Of course, terraces are so busy and it’s barely impossible to find a place to sit, but I’m really enjoying inviting my loved ones for a lunch or a film at my place, and even some birthday celebrations with my friends.

Obviously, let’s not forget that even though some countries are moving forward and giving us more freedom, that does not mean that the virus is gone, and this could go back anytime is we’re not careful enough and follow the security guidelines. Avoid really crowded places, wear a mask, use hand sanatizer, wash your hands, and everything else to make sure you and the ones around you are healthy and safe.

Other than that, this has been the busiest week of work due to uni exams and projects, but now that it’s over I feel so relieved and motivated to keep creating content for the blog since I have many ideas I want to give a try. Also, this week I’ve posted a new IGTV (it’s a weekly thing now) talking about “Skincare Misconceptions”, a topic I wrote about last week on the blog (you can find it here).

Another thing I’ve been enjoying this week as been the new blog posts’ structure since I’ve been playing a bit with the pictures and the format of the posts to make them a bit prettier and more interesting. I love how they look so far and I hope you do too.

Also, I really appreciate all the lovely feedback in my last posts (both Instagram and the blog), and especially to the mental health ones. It’s something we can all talk about whenever it’s needed and not only during the awareness week because it’s not a tabu or something people should feel embarrassed about. I was really moved from reading all your lovely comments and messages saying how much you appreciated me talking so openly about the subject and also sharing your personal experience. I think that moments like this makes me realise how amazing a social media community can be and how many lovely and supportive people there are out there.

What about this next week?

On the blog, you can expect a bit of beauty, fashion and lifestyle content, because I really like to share a bit of everything to cover all the topics of interest. And, of course, a new IGTV (makeup this time) that I just filmed and I can’t wait to share.

Also, I would even dare to say that I might go and take some photos on the street since it’s been such a long while since the last photoshoot and believe me when I say I don’t know how to pose anymore. I’ve been taking some photos here at home but when it comes to showing an outfit head to toe… no idea what to do, but I’ll figure out.

How’s been your week? Anything in mind for the upcoming one? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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