The trendy stan smith

Do you want to be trendy, casual and comfy? You’re lucky because I’ve got the answer.
A few days ago I was searching a new pair of sneakers because mine are definitely DEAD. I wanted something comfortable to wear but fashionable too. I thought about New Balance or Nike but everybody have them!
I want to be trendy, but I don’t want to wear the same as everyone in this entire world.
We can try with Adidas, I thought, and I searched them on the internet. There I found the most casual and comfy sneakers of the world… The STAN SMITH SNEAKERS.


I think that they’re so cute and I’m sure that they’ll be very trendy soon!
Good things about them? There are several colors and the best thing of them is that you can match them with ALL your clothes. So, what are you waiting for? You need them and you know it!


XOXO the gold lipstick

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8 thoughts on “The trendy stan smith

    • Sure! They’re awesome! If you want me to write about something special only tell me.
      Thanks, TGL💕


      • I’m glad to help you find this awesome Stan Smith (I love them too).

        I couldn’t find them in the official page but I’ve found that you can personalize yourselves. You choose the ones that you want and then change colors and textures! If you want to check it out click here.

        I hope I helped!
        Cheers, TGL.


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    • Adidas is constantly improving and creating more awesome products. Maybe they don’t manufacture Stan smith persanolized in gold no more. It can be depending on the country where you’re based.
      But don’t worry because as I said before they’re constantly improving and creating, so I’m sure that they’ll surprise us with something much better.
      Cheers, TGL.


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