What to wear – Back to school

Let’s continue with the back to school posts! Today I decided to show you some different outfits to wear to school.

I know that not all of us can wear the same clothes to school because of the “dress code”. This is the reason why I’m going to show you some different ideas. This way you’ll choose the one that fits you better.


This one is for people that can wear almost everything to school.


It’s still summer, this is the reason why I use light colors. You’ll look very fresh with any of this outfits.

The first one is a simple loose white blouse with the off-the-shoulder trend. I’m giving a little bit of color to the outfit with this denim skirt inspired in the Alexa Chung’s skirt.

The second one is a wraped striped shirt with a wigh wasted light pink short.

The third one is a printed blue crop top with a wigh wasted plain short.

The best about this outfits? You can wear all of them with the trendy stan smith (check out the two posts where I write about them: first, second). You’ll be comfortable all the day!

To carry all your stuff and books you can choose if you want to wear a backpack or a big bag.


This outfits are like a mix of long and short.


In the first one I choosed a striped tank to match with a pair of suede black high wasted flared trousers.

In the second one I’m matching a white blouse with a pair of “maroon-red” palazzos.

In the third one I choosed a pair of grey ripped jeans (on the knees) with a more sophisticated pink top.


This outfits are for schools where you have to be like almost full covered (but still trendy).


In the first outfit I’m mixing a black maxi skirt with a graphic T-shirt.

In the second one I decided to mix a pair of printed palazzo pants with a plain white T-shirt.

The third outfit is composed by a pair of printed trousers and a plain T-shirt.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

All of us have a dress code, maybe you don’t like it, but this positive because you’ll have to find other ways to stay trendy. You’ll get more experience and more ability to think when it’s time to get dressed.

If you still need style advice just tell me and I’ll be glad to reply to your message!

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