Holy Stan Smith

A few months ago I wrote a post about the Stan Smith by Adidas ( here ) when I thought that they would be in trend. And I was right! Nowadays Stan Smith are a huge trend and a lot of people wear them.

I decided to write another post about this awesome shoes because I’ve noticed that you really enjoyed that post. In that post I introduced you the Stan Smith, but in this I’m going to tell you more about them and how to style them.

They use to be white with the back in an other color (the most common colors are red, blue and green). But there are more cute colors like gold or silver. And you can choose how to tie them (shoelaces or velcro).

I went to the official page and I discovered that you can costumize your own pair. What can I change? All! You can do your dream shoes.

This are mine (pay attention to the insole):

And now it’s time to inspire yourself because I’m going to show you how to style them.

The good thing about this shoes is that they are like a basic, so it’s so simple to mix them with our clothes. Below I leave you some images, this way I hope that I’ll inspire you!

If you’re going to travel somewhere I recommend you to wear a jumpsuit with the Stan Smith. I do and it looks incredible.

Tell me in the comment box your opinion about the Stan Smith shoes! Do you have yours?

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