Finally exams week is here, which means that it’s closer to an end. I know that several of you are also at uni so I want to wish you all the best of luck on your exams and also remind you that the end of the course is really close.

Now, into the “blog-related” stuff, I wanted to say that this week I posted my second IGTV video which was about how to create a basic skincare routine, giving you the simple steps and advice so you can create your own according to your skin needs. It is a very short video (about 3-4 minutes) that I really recommend you to watch to improve in your skincare game, or you can also check the blog post where I also talked about it (here).

Something else I did this week was to clean my following and get rid of all those spam or fake accounts that followed me. This is a topic I’d like to talk about in more depth soon but I just wanted you to know how important is that once in a while you check your new followers and get rid of the people who are not real or truly interested in your content.

I found so many fake or spam accounts that followed me and deleted them (or even blocked to avoid them to follow me again) to the point where I found about 80-90 of them. Crazy.

And what about next week?

Unfortunately, I have a couple uni exams left to do, but once I do that I’m going to be 100% focused on the blog since I have so many content ideas I want to give a try, as well as getting creative with types of content (more IGTV videos for sure) and the structure of my posts.

I’ve realised that right now I’m really enjoying writing and sharing about skincare, so that’s probably going to be my main topic for now, since I’ve seen you all really enjoy it and find it helpful. Also, it’s a great “quarantine activity” and a good time to take our time, pamper ourselves, and pay a bit more attention to our skin.

Just in case you’ve missed my latest skincare posts and other beauty-related subjects, I leave you with my favourites so you can have a read this weekend. And remember you can find more articles on my Beauty & Skincare section.

Other than this, I must say that I’m now definitely used to this “new reality” and that I’m quite well used to the situation now. Of course I’d love to have a bit more freedom to go out but looks like Barcelona will have to wait a bit more until that happens. But for now, I’m managing to stay busy at home pretty well.

How’s been your week? Anything in mind for the next one? Definitelty tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤